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Welcome to Millar Chiropractic -Huntsville AL

Our Huntsville Chiropractors Are Here to Serve You!

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From every doctor and staff member at Millar Chiropractic Clinics, we welcome you! We are healthcare professionals who you can trust and depend on for all of your chiropractic needs. We make it our mission to help you overcome your health conditions, facilitate your recovery time, and assist your body to regain its natural balance. From our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to our alternative medicine techniques, we are here to serve you and help you achieve lasting health and well-being.

Chiropractic Services and Other Treatment Options

Millar Chiropractic Clinics offer a full line of chiropractic services and treatment options. For every patient we create a custom treatment plan tailored to that patients specific need and goals. In addition to offering chiropractic adjustments both manual and instrument, we also offer spinal decompression therapy, laser therapy, purewave shockwave therapy, custom physical rehabilitation, corrective exercises, lifestyle coaching, nutritional counseling, physiotherapy, and many other services that can be used in conjunction with one another.

Our Huntsville chiropractors work with you to find the right combination of treatment options that will be most beneficial to you. Our list of treatment options is extensive because we believe in offering our patients the best possible care on every level.

Regenerative Medicine

If you're in need of regenerative medicine or regenerative therapy then look no further than Advanced Medical Clinics at (256) 539-3000. 

We were awarded The Best Chiropractor Madison and the Best Chiropractor Huntsville these years:


Best of Huntsville, Chiropractor Award  2022, 2021, 2020, 2018  

Best of Madison, Chiropractor Award 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019,

We are the Disc Treatment Doctors

All of our Chiropractors specialize in the non-surgical treatment of bulging, prolapsed, and herniated discs, and the radiating pain (usually arm or leg) that often accompanies disc problems. We consider the treatment of bulged, herniated, and prolapsed disc, degenerative disc disease, degenerative facet problems, sacroiliitis, and arthritis of the spine our "bread and butter" so to speak. We have successfully treated over 5000 of your friends and neighbors with decompression traction. We enjoy an 80% success rate treating bulging and herniated disc problems. We utilize DRS Protocol and the FDA approved DTS Decompression Traction Systems, FDA approved Laser, The Disc Pump, Cox Flexion Distraction, Pulse Wave (Extracorporeal Shockwave), and other modalities including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, diathermy along with rehabilitation and core stabilization physiotherapy exercises in the treatment of disc related cases.

Knowledge and Experience

The chiropractors at our clinics in Huntsville Alabama have extensive knowledge, training, and experience that allow them to provide you with the highest quality of care possible. Our chiropractors are board-certified and stay up to date with the latest chiropractic techniques and treatment options so that every patient can reach optimal health and well-being.


We are offering a Free* Consultation with the Doctor to discuss your problem(s) and our possible solutions.  Book Your Free* Consultation Now!

Commitment to Our Patients in Huntsville and Madison

Our chiropractors in Huntsville have extensive knowledge, training, and experience that allow them to provide you with the highest quality of care possible. Our chiropractors are board-certified and stay up to date with the latest chiropractic techniques and treatment options so that every patient can reach optimal health and well-being.

Searching Google or Apple for a Chiropractor

Many people today search Google or Apple for a Chiropractor. Next time you search "Chiropractor Near Me" or "Chiropractor Madison AL" or "Chiropractor Huntsville AL" choose Millar Chiropractic Clinics. There you will find a highly reviewed Doctor of Chiropractic supported by an amazing staff (also highly reviewed).  Millar Chiropractic Clinics is where Chiropractic Excellence meets State of the Art Equipment like Decompression Traction, Laser and ShockWave Therapy along with a compassionate caring team that will listen to you, really listen to you and try to get to the root cause of your problem and treat that root cause. 

Meet Doctor Millar

  • Dr.
    DC CCEP | Chiropractor Huntsville AL
    Founder and CEO Millar Chiropractic Clinics

    Dr. Greg Millar, DC CCEP, is a Chiropractor Huntsville Alabama and CEO and Founder of Millar Chiropractic Clinics, Millar Functional Medicine and American Spine & Rehab. He is originally from Cullman Alabama and has been in practice +25 years. In addition to being a Chiropractic Physician, he holds the coveted CCEP - (Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practitioner) designation which can take up to 2 years of extra study and is Certified in the treatment of extremities (hips, knees, ankles, feet - shoulders, elbows, wrist, hands) specializing in sciatica. Dr. Millar is also Certified by National University of Health Sciences in Injectable Nutritional Medicine having completed the additional Alabama Board of Chiropractic approved postgraduate training and examination to preform  (TPI) trigger point injections; (IV) intravenous therapy; (IM) intra-muscular injections; and (JI) joint injections to small; intermediate; and large joints. He is trained in administration and dispensing of nutrient supplements; vitamins and minerals; amino acids; peptides; fatty acids; enzymes and antioxidants; botanicals and phytonutrients; food concentrates and extracts; nutraceuticals; homeopathic remedies; compounds and compounded products. Dr. Millar does not prescribe or use prescription drugs in the treatment of patients.  He practiced for years with the neurosurgeons from UAB Dept of Neurosurgery.  He has authored several books and was the host of the TV Show 'MedLINE' for 10 years and 'BACKtalk' for 6 years both on ABC WAAY-TV Huntsville.  He sees patients by appointment at Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville (Downtown) at (256)-539-2000 and Millar Functional Medicine at (256) 513-4888 and Advanced Medical Clinics at (256) 539-3000.

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