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Spinal Decompression

"Primary research has shown that most back pain is caused by two causes, mechanical compression and chemical inflammation. Treat one and not the other and YOU still have pain. " 
The "LDCR Protocol" does just that, it treats both causes, mechanical compression and chemical inflammation.  LDCR stands for: Laser, Decompression Traction, Chiropractic Correction and Rehabilitation/Stabilization. The Laser treats the chemical inflammation and the  Spinal Decompression Traction treats the mechanical compression. (The two leading causes of back pain from herniated and bulging disc). The Corrective Chiropractic gently helps heals the spine, ligaments, tendons and muscles while the Rehabilitation gives the long term stabilization and endurance to help ensure the problem does not repeat itself."
Dr. Greg Millar DC CCEP   



About 10 years ago researchers started identifying two primary causes of back pain, mechanical compression and chemical inflammation or radiculitis.  We had for years studied and treated mechanical compression with numerous surgeries and other treatments. But, another highly relevant consideration is the increasing recognition of the importance of inflammation or chemical radiculitis in the generation of back pain.[1] A primary focus of surgery is to remove "pressure" or reduce mechanical compression on a neural element: either the spinal cord, or a nerve root.

But it is increasingly recognized that back pain, rather than being solely due to compression, may instead be primarily due to chemical inflammation of the nerve root. It has been known for several decades that disc bulges and disc herniations result in a massive inflammation of the associated nerve root.[1
  In the past five years, increasing evidence has pointed to a specific inflammatory mediator of this pain.[5,6] This inflammatory molecule, called tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNFa)
, is released not only by the bulging, herniated or protruding disc, but also in cases of disc tear (annular tear), by degenerative facet joints, and in spinal stenosis.[1,7,8,9] In addition to causing pain and inflammation, TNF may actually increase disc degeneration.[10]

Spinal Decompression

For the Non-Surgical Treatment of pain associated with bulging, herniated, or prolapsed disc problems and for problems like sciatica, stenosis, degenerative disc disease and others, the LDCR Protocol has been shown to be about 80% effective based on our observations in treating around ±4500 patients over the years with the Laser, Spinal Decompression, Chiropractic Correction, and Rehabilitation/Stabilization protocol. The "LDCR Protocol" can help relieve your pain by reducing the pressure on spinal discs and facet joints through unloading created by decompression while at the same time treating the inflammation and the nerve pain and muscle weakness.   

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Laser, Spinal Decompression, Corrective Chiropractic, and Rehabilitation/Stabilization =  "LDCR Protocol"

  • Laser
  • Spinal Decompression Traction 
  • Corrective Chiropractic  
  • Rehabilitation & Stabilization

Laser: The FDA Approved Class IV Laser utilizes two lasers with two different wavelengths. One laser wavelength lowers pain and the other lowers inflammation treating the TNFa inflammation molecule (see above) so prevalent in neck and low back pain due to disc. Both wavelengths help heal the disc, nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons at the cellular level. Lowering the inflammation around the nerve root lowers pain.  These are non burning lasers that penetrate deep in the body and help the body heal and turn off pain, today and tomorrow. Before lases we could only treat the mechanical compression of the disc with decompression traction; but, now with lasers we can now treat both primary causes of back pain: chemical inflammation and mechanical compression. 

Decompression Traction: Spinal Decompression therapy utilizes a compute controlled table to gently pump the specific problem disc and decompress that level, giving relief. Without surgery, it decompresses the disc or desired spinal structure. Acting like a vacuum it sucks the disc back into place in many cases pulling the disc off the nerve root(s) or associated structures and lessens the mechanical compression.  This FDA approved table has been used for years and the results are well documented. Decompression Therapy may effectively enhance the healing process and renders quick, effective and at times amazing pain relief that enables most patients to return to a more active lifestyle.  While staying fully clothed, the computer controlled traction gently pulls the disc apart with long axis distraction thereby creating a negative interdiscal pressure (somewhat like a vacuum).  

Corrective Chiropractic: Gentle chiropractic care using the latest instrument adjusting techniques or in some cases manual adjustments correct the spinal misalignment should that be necessary, help remove impingement of the nerve, treat associated structures like ligaments, tendons, and muscles.   This is combined with physiotherapy with  a nerve stimulation unit designed to help treat the nerves and nerve damage caused by the bulged or herniated disc, stenosis, and degenerative disease and the compression of the nerves and associated structures. Damaged nerves heal very slowly on their own. But the use of the lasers in combination with the ReBuilder nerve stimulation has been shown to significantly improve nerve function in our experience. 

Rehabilitative Stabilization:  Treatment without Rehabilitative stabilization is just asking for relapse. We have found that by designing a personalized rehabilitation program that starts where the patient is physically and mentally at today and then progressing them through balance, strength and endurance sets the tone for less back problems in the future. For most patients most of the stabilization can be done at home. What patients need is guidance and program to follow. That is what stabilization is and does for them.     

The "LDCR Protocol" can help relieve pain associated with disc herniation, bulging disc, degenerative discs, and facet syndromes by reducing the pressure on spinal discs and facet joints through unloading created by distraction and positioning while at the same time treating the inflammation and the nerve pain and muscle weakness.  You deserve to try the LDCR Protocol today. 

Even if you have tried just Spinal Decompression Traction in the past you must try the "LDCR Protocol."
Before, You only got 1/2 the treatment you needed.   

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For years the medical solution for disc problems has been back surgery and surgical spinal decompression. This involves full surgery under anesthesia cutting open the back, cutting through the layers of muscle to the spine often with a piece of spinal bone removed and or cutting out or cutting off the bulging or herniated disc or worse using rods, plates, and screws to fuse the spine. Then comes the long road of post surgery rehabilitation and pain and perhaps more surgeries.  Most of us know or have met someone with chronic pain after back surgery and failed back surgery syndrome.  Why not try something different. You can always do surgery. You just can't undue surgery. So why not try Laser Assisted Spinal Decompression Traction and the LDCR Protocol first. If it fixes your problem then great if not you can always have the invasive spinal surgery. 


You may have seen Dr. Millar or the Doctors of Millar Chiropractic Clinics talk about lasers or demonstrate spinal decompression traction treatments on ABC WAAY-TV Channel 31 BackTalk or MedCall TV Shows over the years. Laser Assisted Spinal Decompression Traction using the "LDCR Protocol" - is used for the treatment of bulged, herniated disc, or prolapsed disc, stenosis, degenerative facet problems and degenerative disc disease.

Dr. Millar has often said "Any Doctor can purchase a laser or decompression traction table. But, we have the know how and years of experience treating severe bulging and herniated disc and know where to pull and how much to pull the spine with spinal decompression traction. There is no cookie cutter fix and every spine problem is different." 

We have years of experience treating thousands and thousands of patients with decompression traction. There's no shortcut to experience.  In fact Dr. Millar pioneered spinal decompression traction in Alabama bringing the one of the first spinal decompression traction tables to Alabama in 1998. Dr Millar soon started working with the UAB Dept of Neurosurgery. 

For years, Dr. Millar practiced with the neurosurgeons of the UAB Dept of Neurosurgery at his clinic. They referred many patients to Dr Millar for conservative spinal decompression treatment of disc cases.  The Doctors of the UAB Dept of Neurosurgery and most neurosurgeons feel that in most cases, conservative treatment such as Spinal Decompression Traction, is necessary before any surgical options should be explored. If that is the case then lets use the treatment that attacks both pain producers, mechanical compression and chemical inflammation. 

Is Laser Assisted Decompression Traction  
and the LDCR Protocol right for you?

before-after-MRI Clinical studies indicate that Spinal Decompression Traction therapy can be a highly successful treatment for patients suffering from symptoms of bulging, herniated, prolapsed or degenerative discs, as well as sciatica, stenosis, degenerative facet disease. Patients are given a thorough examination to determine if they are suitable for Spinal Decompression Traction. Some conditions and patients are not a candidate... your Millar Doctor will make that determination.

After we examine you we will determine 1) are you a candidate and 2) how many treatments we suggest. We like to do a trial of about 18 visits of Laser Spinal Decompression Traction using the LDCR Protocol followed by a re-evaluation along the way to determine your progress. Your doctor may also prescribe application of electrical muscle stimulation and/or heat/ultrasound to the affected region to further relax your muscles and soft tissue. After treatment, your doctor will recommend specific exercises designed to help you regain control and strengthen in muscles that are responsible for spinal stabilization.

 The medical literature (research) suggests that Spinal Decompression Therapy provides a majority of qualified candidates with relief within a few sessions. Spinal Decompression Traction Therapy is an FDA approved procedure. To that we add another FDA approved procedure, Class IV Laser to treat the pain and inflammation to treat the nerves. If your Orthopedist or Neurosurgeon said you are a candidate for spine surgery then you must try Laser Assisted Spinal Decompression Traction and the LDRS Protocol before surgery. You can always do the surgery if our treatment fails. but you can't undo the surgery. If your Doctor said "Nothing he can do", then Laser Assisted Decompression Traction using the LDCR Protocol is a must try. We like to say "all you have to lose is your pain" give it a try. The side effects are minimal and the risk low. So now its up to you. Give us a try.  As always we offer a Free Consultation/Meeting to talk with our Doctors about your problems and our possible solutions.   

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Dr. Millar offers you a free MRI or other films review. No MRI yet then he offers you a Free Consultation to talk about your problem and our possible solutions.  

Mrs. Cynthia Huntley

"I got my life back because of 
Dr Millar"

This is a powerful testimonial about a woman who was a dental assistant for 33 years and suffered from debilitating pain, as a result. Multiple doctors turned her away and told her there was no hope. She had tried a Chiropractor before and nothing worked. One day, while watching Dr. Greg Millar, on TV, she decided to give it, one more try. Here is the powerful story of what happened for a woman who had always believed Chiropractors were "not real doctors."

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*80% effective is based on our observations of treating about ±4500 of our patients over the years with what started as the LDCR Protocol and now with the addition of laser is called the LDCR Protocol and not a formal study.


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