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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do adjustments hurt?

All our Doctors are also trained in Thompson and Gonstead manual adjusting techniques.  Additionally all of our doctors are trained in the Activator instrument adjusting technique, which is a form of adjusting the spine that is very gentle and specific.  Most patients enjoy being adjusted.  Our Doctors will be happy to address any of your concerns before your adjustment.

Will I have to keep coming for life?

Your care with Millar Chiropractic will have a distinct start date and end date. We do not believe in year long contracts. But we do believe in getting to the true cause and correcting the problem. After your care is complete, if you wish to continue with maintenance care that is up to you. We will make your care PRN "As Needed by the Patient." Some patients find that chiropractic helps relieve their pain, aches and other symptoms without drugs or surgery so they decide it is worthwhile to at least have occasional maintenance visits - to continue to maintain the positive results they achieved. It is similar to dentistry in this regard. Most people find that a bit of maintenance (in dentistry - checkups and teeth cleaning) help to prevent major problems down the line. The same is true for your spine and chiropractic. Again just like the dentist this is up to you.

Are all patients adjusted the same?

No, each patient is different in so many ways. Not only is their body different, their bone alignment is different and also their conditions are different. So we adjust appropriately for the condition and the individual utilizing the most appropriate adjusting tool from our Chiropractic toolbox.

DTS (Decompression Traction) - What is DTS?

DTS is a form of traction that creates a negative pressure or vacuum that helps to suck the disc back into place.

DTS (Decompression Traction) - How effective is DTS?

Hundreds of thousands of patients with bulging and herniated discs have been treated using decompression traction. Most Doctors reported that they found the average success rate to be around 75-80% for lumbar patients and about 75% for cervical disc patients. The manufacturers of the decompression tables all claim success percentages in the 85% range, but most Doctors found those numbers to be unrealistic. We like to say DTS, decompression traction, has about a 75% success rate overall - which is great considering that does not involve drugs or surgery.

DTS (Decompression Traction) - Does it hurt?

Since 1998 we have done decompression traction on approximately 4,500 patients. Our extensive experience tells us that during treatment 25% of patients will have no pain at all from the decompression traction; and the majority - 50% of patients will have a feeling of instability but no pain. 

Can Millar Chiropractic Clinic help my bulging/herniated disc?

Not all bulging or herniated discs are created equal. Some are big, some are little. The same is true for the nerve canal size. The problem is when you get a big herniation at a small canal. The Doctors of Millar Chiropractic Clinic specialize in the treatment of bulging, prolapsed and herniated discs. They have many different tools designed and utilized to address those problems, and years of experience treating disc conditions.

I've had back surgery - Is chiropractic safe for me?

You know, Dr. Millar has had three back surgeries, and what got him into chiropractic is that chiropractic got him out pain. Not everyone who has had back surgery can have every kind of adjustment, but there may be adjustments that can help you.

What does a Free Consultation involve?

A Free Consultation involves sitting down for about 20 to 30 minutes with one of the Millar Senior Chiropractors to discuss your problem. No pressure, just a meeting. This will give you a chance to meet the Doctor, to see if you like him and for him to see if he can help you.

Can I use the New Patient coupon if I have insurance coverage?

New Patients coming in on the New Patient Special coupon are always offered a choice of either:

Use the $49 new patient special exam for cash and we do not bill their insurance for their first visit.
Choose to have us bill their insurance for the new patient visit, in which case they owe any co-payment or deductible due. 

Insurance - I have health insurance - how much will my treatment cost?

It's impossible to tell you here exactly what your insurance covers. When you come to one of our clinics, our staff will verify your chiropractic coverage and tell you what any costs will be before treatment.

Medicare - What is the Medicare Special Offer?

We are not allowed by Medicare to make any special offers to Medicare patients. It is against Federal Law.

How much will treatment cost if I have no insurance?

We have great cash specials such as PCD plans where you can get up to 25% off regular fees for joining the PCD plan.


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Free* Consultation - A Free consultation is just that. A 15-20 minute meeting to talk about your problems and our possible solutions. It is up to YOU to determine if you can receive Free* services. Some insurance do not allow Free services. No Exams preformed at the Free consultation. No Chiropractic treatment or adjustments given at the Free consultation. Should the person receiving the Free* services as outline above be accepted as a patient of Millar Chiropractic then additional regular charges for treatment will be incurred in individual cases as needed for related services. This offer only to new consultations and does not apply to existing patients, personal injury, or workers comp consultations. Cash value of Free* consultation $0.01.

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