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The Boost Your Metabolism Diet is a doctor monitored modified Keto diet program scientifically designed help Boost Your Metabolism and lose weight without drugs or surgery. We offer the “12 Week Transformation” program or the “24 Week New You” program. We do offer a 4 week mini program and a 8 week accelerated program to some patients for special occasions weight loss such as wedding, class reunion, or other big event.         

Are you frustrated and tired of diets and dieting. Then you’re just like us. We did every diet you can think of. Yes we lost a few pounds of something: water, muscle, fat. We got bored eating chicken and broccoli and fell off the wagon only to gain back more than we lost. Sound familiar. This would go on till we just couldn’t stand it anymore; and, we would seek out another diet and try again. And fail again.  

Perhaps you have a big day coming up like, “Your Wedding” or “Your Reunion” or a “Vacation” or “Your Son’s or Daughter’s Wedding,” Then we have the program to transform your body. Or maybe you have that big change in your life like, “After Having Your Baby” or “After Divorce” or a “New Job” then again we are your solution with a program to transform you into that “New You” you’ve dreamed about.

In 12 short weeks we are going to transform YOU and YOUR BODY and teach you how to sustain real ongoing weight loss! Some are ready after 12 weeks to fly solo while others with great weight to loose may need the 24 week program. After the 12 Week Transformation or the 24 Week New You, if you’re ready, then you go on the Boost Stabilization Program and finally on to the Boost Maintenance Program

Many things sets us apart from other weight loss programs. Below is a list of what makes us so very different from any diet or progrram you have ever been on. We're more than a diet. We're a lifestyle reboot. 

Differences: 10 Major Differences between Boost Program and Other Diet Programs

1.    Latest medical scientific Keto Diet programs. (even if you have tried keto before this is different)
2.    Fasting mimicking where you eat food that your body doesn't recognize as food and causes you lose more quickly.  
3.    By following the Boost Keto Diet you get a Free Stem Cell Boost to help repair damaged cells. 
4.    We Boost your Metabolism today and tomorrow so you get lasting effects. 
5.    We check you for toxins like heavy metals, mold, and chemical toxins that rob you of the ability to lose weight and keep it off. 
6.    We check your DNA and determine what type of exercise is right for your body.
7.    We look at 900,000 SNP's of your DNA to see if specific genes are turned on that need to be turned off or genes that are turned off need to          be turned back on. Genes like MTHFR which controls things like your bodies ability to clear toxins that cause weight gain. 
8.    We check your Fat loss while we keep tabs on your water weight, muscle weight, and overall weight so you don't lose muscle or water. 
9.    We use light and sound brain inputs to help the brain reboot into permanent weight loss instead of temporary
 weight loss like the past. 
10. We use Emotional Freedom Technique to help you to release worthy issues, weight loss blocks, safety issues, and more.  

Before the Boost Your Metabolism Diet, you could join a diet program but after the diet was over your metabolism didn't change so you could walk past the ice cream tray and gain weight again.  Repeat over and over. We break that 


With the orientation we teach several workshops. These can be taken live or from online webinars. These include: 1) Boost Your Metabolism Diet – Basics Class. 2) Boost Your Metabolism Diet – Intermediate Class. 3) Cabinetectomy, Refrigerator & Freezerectomy. 4) Meal Planning. 5) Shopping for the diet. 6) Food Prep. 7) Cooking Class. 8) Diet Diary. 9) How to stay on the diet when other in your house are not on the diet. 10) Breathing Class. 11) Affirmations. 12) DREAM class.    

We are going to teach you to DREAM Wellbeing where “D” stands for Diet (anything you eat is your diet); “R” stands for Rest; “E” stands for Exercise; “A” stands for Activity and “M” stands for Mental State. Together these form the “Wheel of Wellbeing”.  

There is a big difference in weight loss and fat loss. In the orientation, we  analyze your body composition. Using the latest in scientifically proven body composition analysis instruments, we test:  What is your weight in pounds, what is your fat percentage, what does your fat weigh, what does your water weigh, and what does your bone weigh. Then we have a base line to know if you’re truly loosing fat or just losing water or muscle.  We also measure your body so we can determine progress results. 

We work on Commitment and Accountability with a Weekly Boost Group Meeting and the Boost Buddy System. The weekly group meeting is a place of safety, honesty and sincerity where we can talk and share safely about our inner fears and successes. We can share our feeling with each other and help each other to realize that we are not alone in this struggle. 

We weigh you weekly, go over your Boost Diary, and look for progress toward goals. We look at fat loss, water loss and muscle loss and help you to stay on track. Listen, losing water weight or muscle weight your only fooling yourself, like youd have in the past on other diets. We’re different. Knowledge is power. Monthly we re-measure you and compare results. 

As we said earlier at the end of the 12 Week Transformation many are ready to graduate and fly solo. They are strong enough and knowledgeable enough to continue real weight loss. Others with great weight to loose may need more than one 12 week program. After the 12 Week Transformation, if you’re ready, then you go on the Boost Stabilization Program and finally on to the Boost Maintenance Program. 

The Boost Your Metabolism Diet is a wonderful opportunity to transform your body and your brain so you can sustain long term positive weight changes in you. 

Don’t procrastinate one more second. Start today!   


Results Vary person to person. 


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