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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy - Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ECST)

Millar Chiropractic Clinics is proud to offer Shockwave Therapy - Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ECST) for chronic musculoskeletal problems and conditions (joints, muscles and bone spurs). WE DO NOT TREAT ED PROBLEMS WITH SHOCKWAVE AS THAT IS OUTSIDE OF OUR ANATOMICAL FOCUS. This revolutionary therapy is now available at by Dr. Greg Millar, DC CCEP at Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville (Downtown) and Dr. Matthew Nixon, DC at Millar Chiropractic - Madison.  



Extracorporeal shockwaves (ESW) are acoustic pressure waves. “Extracorporeal” means outside the body. Shockwaves differ from other acoustic waves because they are at a lower frequency. There are many examples of these acoustic waves in real life. A good example is the sound of thunder after a flash of lightning. Or a more common shockwave are those caused by clapping. One of the most dramatic examples of shockwaves and their effects is a jet breaking the sound barrier. The breaking of the sound barrier produces the sonic boom so powerful it can break windows  far away from the jet. By controlling the power and depth of the acoustic pressure wave we can cause healing at the tissue cellular level. Unlike surgery, extracorporeal shockwave therapy is noninvasive. Shockwave Therapy is used to treat chronic pain and chronic problems and promote healing by delivering high-energy sound waves to injured or damaged tissue during short treatment sessions. Through the use of targeted waves, inflamed tissue that causes pain will begin to regenerate because of increased blood circulation created by the treatments. 

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Dr. Millar says, "the Shockwave Therapy is a game changer for chronic musculoskeletal and joint problems. We've been using Laser with great success for 20+ years on acute problems (less than 3 months) but now we can offer life changing results for chronic problems (greater than 3 months duration) to our Huntsville patients."   I have been using Shockwave for 1 year now with great success on chronic patients.  It's the best treatment for chronic pain and problems that I have seen in my 25 years of practice."

How Does It Work

The term shockwave refers to acoustic pressure wave or pulses that come from the Shockwave  hand-held piece (sabre) and expand as a wave into the body. The easiest way to think of the energy created by a Shockwave machine is to imagine a Jacuzzi, as the bubbles are generated outside of the body, the energy of the jets is focused on a certain area of the body and the effect can be felt below the surface of your skin. The stronger the jet, the deeper the effect. Our Shockwave machine works in a similar way. A wave of energy is created and delivered to the body through a hand-held Shockwave Sabre.  Like the jet of a Jacuzzi, the Shockwave hand-piece (sabre) can deliver a narrow wave or a wider wave depending upon the Sabre treatment head selected by the doctor. The doctor can also chose the depth of penetration of the wave by selecting the power in megajoules (bat). Our PulseWave Shockwave machine goes to 8 Bat which allows for very deep treatment. Finally the doctor can select and control the frequency so the treatment is less painful.

More recently, the debate is focusing on something called ‘Cavitation’. There are thousands of Cavitation bubbles generated behind the Shockwave acoustic pressure wave. The bubbles act as empty cavities created behind an acoustic energy wave. These bubbles, just like in the Jacuzzi example, expand and then burst. When they burst they cause irritation and increased blood flow within the tissue. When the bubble bursts helps break down the tissue and, at times, even deposits of calcium (bone spurs). The Shockwave machine is responsible for creating the force wave at the power setting chosen by the doctor. It is also the doctor's responsibility to aim and direct the force to ensure the bubbles burst at the right point. Again, like a Jacuzzi, more energy can be more effective, but it can also be more uncomfortable so treatments are often a balance between these two conflicting elements. The good news for you, the patient, is  the doctor can tailor the treatment to your individual condition and comfort level. 

Shockwave Therapy treatment are beneficial for patients because there is no down time after the procedure, no time missing work, or missing school or sports practice for patients. This form of nonsurgical procedure is ideal for patients who have tried more conservative options, such as resting, icing, tens, e-stim, regular chiropractic or physical therapy and even steroid shots to the effected areas, but have not seen any improvement in their pain levels or progress made with respect to their injuries healing. To be a candidate for Shockwave Therapy, we like for our patients to have had the pain or problem for at least 3 months, (Chronic). If the pain or problem is newer than 3 months we can still help you with other treatment modalities such as laser therapy. But if your pain or problem has been bothering you for 3 or longer or for years (Chronic Pain) then Shockwave Therapy is a great answer. . 

Shockwave at 1bar

Shockwave 2 bar

Shockwave 3bar

Our PulseWave Shockwave Therapy can go from 0.5bar to 8.0bar so we can treat as shallow or as deep as needed for your problem. 


Conditions We Treat with Shockwave Therapy (ECSW)

A. Low Back Pain and Problems (Chronic - more than 6 weeks duration)
B. Upper and Mid Back Pain and Problems (Chronic - more than 6 weeks duration)
C. Neck Pain and Problems (Chronic - more than 6 weeks duration) 
D. Pelvis Pain & Problems
     1. SI Joints
     2. Piriformis
     3. Buttocks Pain 
E. Hip Pain & Problems
     1. Greater Trochanteric Bursitis
     2. Hip Flexors Muscles
     3. Osteoarthritis of the Hip
F. Knee Pain & Problems
     1. Patella Pain and Tendinopathy
     2. Osgood Schlatter’s
     3. Medial or Lateral Compartment Knee Pain
     4. Osteoarthritis of the Knee


G. Ankle Pain and Problems
     1. Achilles Tendonitis and problems
     2. Bone Spurs
H. Foot and Toes Pain
     1. Plantar Fasciitis
     2. Metatarsal Bursitis
I. Leg Pain
     1. Hamstrings
     2. Shin Splints

J. Shoulder Pain
     1. Adhesive Capsulitis
     2. A/C Joint Pain
K. Elbow Pain
     1. Medial epicondylitis (Golfer’s elbow)
     2. Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
L. Hand, Finger, Thumb Pain
     1. Scar tissue between Metacarpals
M. Arm and Forearm Pain
     1. Biceps Pain
     2. Triceps Pain
     3. Forearm Pain 

Shockwave Therapy Success

The answer is "YES". According to an overwhelming body of evidence, repeated studies and our own observation from treating patients have shown that shockwave therapy produces highly effective lasting results in Chronic patients (problem greater than 3 months). "Nothing is 100% effective but shockwave is clearly one of the most reliable treatments for chronic pain and problems that we have," said Dr. Millar. We have great success with treating chronic pain and problems with Shockwave Therapy

How many Shockwave Therapy treatments will I need?

This is not cookie-cutter treatment. No two conditions are the same. The only way we can tell you how many treatments we think you will need (and that's a professional opinion) is to do a full examination of your problem. By doing orthopedic, neurological, muscle, and range of motion testing we can give you a better idea of number of treatments needed. 

Free Consultation

We offer all potential patients a No Cost Consultation, a meeting with the doctor so you can size us up and we can look at your problem to determine if we think we can help you. My promise is, We will be very honest with you. If we think we can help you we will accept you as a patient. If we don't thing we can help you we will refer you to someone that can. Fair Enough. 

Shockwave Therapy

Dr Millar says, "Anybody can go purchase a shockwave machine just like you can go out and purchase a surgical scalpel. It's the doctor's knowledge, trained hands and experience that make the difference. We've all seen some of the TV commercials featuring a handheld shockwave therapy device. But, I promise you that shockwave will damage tissue sometimes permanently if not done properly with the right dosage in shocks, frequency in Hertz and power in megajoules (bar). 

All shockwave therapy damages tissue so the fibroblast can re-heal the tissue without the inflammation regenerating a better quality tissue. And shockwave is absolutely contraindicated to treat over nerves, arteries, and veins. And unless you know where these are in the body that could be devastating. It's also contraindicated over organs such as lungs, heart, liver, spleen and the gut. So what can do good can do great harm in the wrong hands." 

However if an experienced Shockwave trained Doctor,
1) examines the area and locates the specific tissue to be treated being aware of arteries, veins and nerves in the treatment area, and; 2) Applies gel or oil as needed to treated tissues for Shockwave Therapy with Doctor's experience selecting the right dosage in shocks, frequency in Hertz and power in megajoules (bar).and 3) Doctor Initiating Shockwave Therapy, understanding that the Doctor is creating new tissue damage with each treatment carefully controlling the Shockwave Therapy so that its not too much or permeant damage and just enough damage for the body to heal the area without scar tissue.  Dr. Millar says, "the Shockwave Therapy is a game changer for chronic musculoskeletal and joint problems. We've been using Laser with great success for 20+ years on acute problems (less than 3 months) but now we can offer life changing results for chronic problems (greater than 3 months duration) to our Huntsville patients."   I have been using Shockwave for 1 year now with great success on chronic patients. After this year using Shockwave Therapy, I can tell you that Shockwave Therapy is both an art and a science. You have to know the science, the depth of shockwaves and how the tissues react to the different shapes of shockwaves, the settings, Hertz, and Megajoules, the anatomical structures, and more, then there is the art of treating the tissues knowing your creating tissue damage and know just how much to damage the tissue so it can re

Dr. Millar, DC CCEP (extremity specialist) - For 2 years after graduating Chiropractic college Dr Millar continued post-graduate education, testing and certification from the Council on Extremities and was awarded the coveted CCEP Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practitioner designation. This 2 years of post-graduate training is spent studying the treatment of hips, knees, ankles, feet and toes as well as shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers and thumbs. 


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