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6 Tips Chiropractic Patients Must Observe If They Are Victims of a Car Crash

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6 Tips Chiropractic Patients Must Observe If They Are Victims of a Car Crash

Few instances shatter our normal world into pieces more quickly than an automobile accident. Never expected, a wreck causes bodily injury, stress, and, in some cases, ongoing financial litigation issues.

Unfortunately, the vast number of vehicles on the road today, as well as many people's penchant for distracted driving, dramatically increases an individual's chance of being involved in a crash. If you already suffer from an injury or medical condition, then you must do your part to ensure it is not aggravated or exacerbated by unnecessary involvement in a car collision.

If a car crash happens to you, it's essential to recognize and follow the following six tips to keep you safe and to assure your injuries stay to a minimum.  (See below.)

1)  Immediately take stock of the situation

The way you react seconds after a crash impacts the situation tremendously. Determine what area you are injured and if you are in imminent danger in the vehicle.

For example, identify whether the automobile is on fire by looking for black smoke and smell to see if you can smell if any gas has leaked from your tank. You should also make sure you are not sinking. If you are sinking, for instance, into a lake, rescue yourself as quickly as possible. Otherwise, if no fire exists and you are not sinking in water, then stay inside your vehicle.

2)  Analyze your injured areas

How injured do you appear to be? Keep in mind you are not a doctor. So, even if you feel fine, your neck or back could still have been impacted. Identify which areas of your body hurt and the intensity of the pain (1 out of 10, with 10 being the worst).

3)  Wait for the authorities

Stay calm inside your vehicle and wait for the police and ambulance to arrive. This is imperative if your vehicle has flipped and you are hanging from your seatbelt.

Many head and neck injuries result from automobile occupants releasing their seat belts right after a crash has left them hanging, so to speak, upside down.

4)  Inform the emergency technicians

Once help arrives, it's vital to explain to them, if you can, the areas of your injuries. If you have previously suffered from an injury or medical condition to the neck, back, or spine, let them know that, too.

This information helps them formulate the form of extraction and emergency treatment that minimizes the chance of creating further harm. Be calm and specific when you relay the information, using simple language and the 1-10 pain scale to describe your level of discomfort mentioned above in #2.

5)  Visit your chiropractor!

If your injuries are deemed minimal and you are released, be happy and grateful that you were not hurt worse! Then, make an appointment with your chiropractor and explain the nature of the wreck.  Be sure to also bring a copy of your auto insurance with you (yes your own, too) and a copy of the Accident Report on file at your local courthouse or DMV.

Certain injuries take a few days to show up;  moreover, the crash could have impacted bones, joints, and ligaments that went undiscovered during the initial after-crash exam at the hospital or with the EMTs. Ask for a complete examination by your chiropractor the very first time you visit him or her for this accident and your injuries deriving from the wreck.   Talk with your chiropractor about any treatment deemed necessary and remember that you most likely will not be held accountable for any bills on treatments, if you were not at fault for the collision occurring.

6)  Minimize the chances of another automobile accident

While you cannot control being in a wreck, you can take measures to guard against the occurrence, and give yourself a greater chance to avoid injury. Always wear your seatbelt, avoid distracted driving (this means your cell phone), maintain your vehicle's brakes and tires, and understand the current traffic laws. Commit to driving at a safe speed depending on the weather conditions, and never, ever drive after imbibing alcohol.

Being in an automobile accident is scary business, and we hope it never happens to you. There is increased the risk to individuals who already deal with medical conditions or bodily injuries from sports, work, or falls.

However, by maintaining a clear head and following these six important tips, you can minimize the chance of being seriously injured in many car wreck situations, returning you to your normal life quickly, and putting this awful experience behind you...For good!

If you do find yourself injured from a car accident caused by another driver or even by yourself, it is vital that you call the police to file a claim and to ensure proper documentation is taken and saved for later use. Call your auto insurance provider and/or agent right after an accident. Remain at the scene until the authorities permit you to leave or the ambulance carries you away from it.

(NOTE:  It is never a bad idea to go the ER following an accident to guarantee no internal damage occurred and that your physical wellbeing is all intact and nothing has been compromised as a result of the accident. If you attend the hospital directly following a wreck, the hospital will document important health facts about you following the trauma and record your vitals and exact pain levels, feelings, abrasions, and areas of concern.  Plus, you will be officially examined by a professional,  which is referencable in court should the case necessitate a trial.)  

Once home, contact your chiropractor. If you need a good one or a DC that takes personal injury cases, give Millar Chiropractic a try—they have a special clinic especially for personal injury & auto-accident victims. Car wreck victims are seen regularly by a highly-trained and skilled team of medical professionals and supportive staff.  Injuries are treated with a variety of effective therapies across multiple modalities, and often, with these types of cases, the victim is not made to pay anything out of pocket for medical treatment for injuries sustained in a wreck (that falls to the insurance company of the at-fault driver).  Be sure to bring the accident report along with the name and information of the driver that hit you. 

The most important thing after a car wreck is getting your life back into normal working order or as close to how you were prior to the wreck. Millar Chiropractic can return you to good health quicker than the rest with our experienced staff and superb doctors. Call us today at 256-830-0000 for an appointment at our state-of-the-art facility that's specially designed for victims of car accidents. We are here for you!  Put yourself in good hands. 

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