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10 Signs You Need to Visit a Chiropractor ASAP

10 Signs You Need to Visit a Chiropractor ASAP

Frequent headaches? You may need to visit a chiropractor. You read that right. When most people think chiropractor they think of things related to spinal health.

But your spinal health affects other areas of the body. Your headache could be screaming that you need to work out some kinks in your neck.

Here are 10 reasons to go to a chiropractor that you may not have considered before.

1. You Have Frequent Headaches

Let’s dig deeper into this. If you notice you suffer from frequent headaches, put down the Advil and give your chiropractor a call. Many headaches are caused by neck problems like tension or misalignment.  

A chiropractor can help relieve the tension that has built up and take the pressure off areas of your spine that are causing your head to ache.

2. Chronic Pain in Joints

If you experience constant pain in your ankles, knees, and wrist, you could benefit from going to a chiropractor.  This is especially true if you’re an athlete in which you’re doing repetitive motions. Over time these will build up and you’ll feel it start wearing down your joints.

Joint paint could also be a sign of a more serious problem, like arthritis or even bone cancer. Visiting a chiropractor will identify any underlying issues that may be related to your joint pain...and will get you some relief.

3. You Were Just in an Accident

If you were recently in an accident and did not see a doctor because you felt fine after, this could be the reason for your aches and pains. Some problems lurk below the surface for some time before they really become an issue.  

Even if your accident didn’t seem traumatic, a small misalignment due to a fall or car accident could flare up full force when you least expect it.  Even if you don’t feel sore and swear that you’re fine, let the experts be the judge.

4. You Suffer From Limited Range of Motion

If minor activities like tying your shoes or picking up light objects is a struggle, that’s a sure sign it’s time to visit a chiropractor.

Everyday activities shouldn’t hurt and when they do your chiropractor will be able to make adjustments that will help your body get back to functioning the way it’s supposed to.

5. Numbness in Your Limbs

Do you feel numbness, tingling or sharp shooting pain down your leg? This indicates a slipped disc or a pinched nerve. Sciata problems are common ailments that chiropractors deal with and they’ll be able to provide treatment to alleviate your issue.

Tingling and numbness in hands and feet can also mean your nerves are restricted. While most often thought of as treating the spine, chiropractors are really treating the nervous system. By examining your symptoms they can tell you what’s causing numbness and tingling and start treatment.

6. You Have Lower Back Pain

Anyone who’s experienced lower back pain knows how debilitating it can be. It makes getting up in the morning a painful chore and after sitting for an extended period of time it can seem impossible to get up.

Don’t resign yourself to a life of slow and painful mornings. Perhaps one of the things chiropractors are best known for is treating back pain. Everyone gets lower back pain at some point.

However, if your pain has lasted for more than 6 weeks, has gotten worse or is accompanied by fever and chills you’ll need to visit a chiropractor ASAP.

7. You Sit Often Throughout the Day

If you work in an office you probably spend most of the day in a chair. Even the most comfortable chairs are going to cause you problems over time. Sitting puts pressure on your spine which is eventually going to cause alignment issues.

If you sit for the majority of your day, the chiropractor should be someone you see regularly to combat the side effects.

8. You Live an Active Lifestyle

While sitting all day is going to hurt you over time, an active lifestyle could also mean you need to visit a chiropractor. It’s quite the opposite from sitting where the constant pressure on your spine is causing the problem.

In this case, the wear and tear on the body from contact sports or strenuous exercise could lead to alignment problems that your chiropractor will be able to identify.

9. You’re Experiencing Sinus Congestion

Here’s another issue that may seem to be outside the realm of chiropractic care, but you could benefit greatly.  A chiropractor can relieve the pain from a sinus infection through upper cervical corrections that relieve the tension on your brain stem.

In doing so, your throat relaxes allowing your sinus passages to drain effectively.

10. You’re Proactive about Your Health

Maybe you’re not experiencing issues...yet. If you’re the type of person that likes to be proactive and get ahead of issues before they become issues then a visit to the chiropractor is going to identify any potential problems down the road.

Peace of mind is one of the benefits of going to a chiropractor by enabling you to take care of any potential problems before they become a literal pain in the neck.

Time to Visit a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors treat a variety of ailments stemming from the nervous system. Why go to a chiropractor?  If you experienced any of the signs above, it’s time to visit a chiropractor and get checked out.

Or if you’re the proactive type, go make an appointment to confirm that nothing is lurking below the surface. It’s amazing what we learn to live with over time.

Maybe you got so used to the tension in your neck you didn’t even realize it was a problem. Your chiropractor is there to help and to make sure you live a life as pain-free as possible.

Learn more about how a chiropractor can help you by reading about us here.


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